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Welcome to Florida, the Sunshine State!

Learn English and enjoy the experience of living the American Culture!

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Initial F-1 Visa process

The candidate must meet some minimum requirements to apply for
the Student's Visa:

  • Be at least 16 years old and have completed high school

  • Be able to verify minimum income to keep studying in the USA. If you do not have proof of the necessary minimum income, present an individual who is committed to paying for your studies

  • Be available to attend a minimum period of 16 weeks. 



Have the following documents saved in PDF ready:

- Copy of passport (Student and dependent, if any)
- Copy of bank statements from the last 30 days informing the minimum income required:
- for F-1 Student: $1,100/month

- for F-2 Dependent (if any): $350/month

If you present a sponsor, the document Affidavit of Financial Support and ID of the sponsor are required.
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