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Inglês Empresarial
Este curso enfoca o uso de uma linguagem próxima ao nativo no contexto do inglês empresarial. Os alunos aprenderão comandos mais idiomáticos do inglês.

Super-intensive program designed to equip advanced C2 level students and to introduce to them professional linguistic skills.​ This course focuses on near-native language involved with Business English specific language. Students will learn more idiomatic commands of English, both in speaking and writing, so they may perform effectively and efficiently in situations involving working experiences, tentative language and problem-solving skills.



For Intensive F-1 students

Monday to Thursday - 18 hours /week

Morning: 9am - 1h30pm

Evening: 6pm -10h30pm


Semi-intensive students

Monday to Thursday - 12 hours /week

Morning: 9am - 12pm

Evening: 7:30pm -10h30pm

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